About Troy Mertz

1392125586_DSCN0504Financial professional Troy Mertz currently serves as the chief executive officer of Delaware Trust & Lending, which focuses on the suburban real estate market in Chicago. In this position, he provides management of special purpose entity assets such as land, road improvements, and water and sewer system agreements in order to achieve high market revenues. Troy Mertz also manages Gilberts Development, LLC, a residential project based in Gilberts, Illinois. There he oversees refinancing of defaulted bonds and similar financial negotiations.

Previously, Troy Mertz spent several years as an options broker, trader, and market maker for TMZ Brokerage. He also gained experience as a floor broker and trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Prior to this, he served as the president and developer in construction finance for Dimoda Construction – Mertz Development.

Troy Mertz earned his bachelor’s degree in finance from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University in Indiana. His technical skills include proficiency with programs such as the Globex Trading Platform, Trading Technologies Electronic Order Execution, and Option City Trade Modeling and Forecasting Software.


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